Seven reasons why you should have sex every day

  1. Daily sex classes reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men. If to pay attention to one study conducted by scientists at the Harvard Medical School, with an increase in the frequency of ejaculation, the above-mentioned risk may be reduced by up to 22 percent. Scientists still cannot explain this phenomenon, but if you need a scientific justification for the need to have sex right now, you can bring this discovery of Harvard scientists as an argument for your partner.
  2. Regular sex reduces your chances of catching a cold or flu. Researchers at the University of Wilkes, located in Pennsylvania, USA, have shown an increase in the level of immunoglobulin class A, which protects the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract from infection in people who have had sex at least twice a week. You can only imagine how the level of immunoglobulin class A will grow if you make love every day! You will be immune to viruses and bacteria!
  3. It will make you feel more young and confident. Clinical neuropsychologist David Winx in the study, which involved 3,500 people, proved that people who have sex at least three times a week look and feel 7-12 years younger than the control group, in which the subjects did not make love more than once or two a week. Is this not an excuse for becoming more active in bed?
  4. Regular sex will allow women to avoid painful menstrual cramps. A study conducted in 2000 showed that about 9% of women masturbated exclusively to relieve pain during menstruation.
  5. Regular sexual activity increases the chances of a woman to become pregnant and endure a child due to the training of the immune system.
  6. The more often you make love, the higher is your ability to resist stress and the lower is the risk of developing hypertension. This was convincingly proved in the course of a scientific study conducted in 2005.
  7. Sex makes you smarter. Scientists at the University of Maryland and Konkuk University, during observations of laboratory rats and mice found that increasing the frequency of sexual contacts increased the functional activity of the brain and its ability to solve complex problems.

So, considering all the above, the benefit of daily sex is obvious – it will turn you into a super intelligent, immune to disease and stress!

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