The position of the body during sleep and the potency

For each person, sleep is a process necessary for a full-fledged life activity, which is aimed at restoring strength and preparing a person for a new day. During sleep, a person experiences the secretion of sex hormones, which are directly related to potency. That is why it is so important to sleep properly not to violate these processes. Scientists have found out that there are two poses, which most negatively affect the potency:

  • the first pose is when a man sleeps on his stomach. The harm from such a position is that the bladder is squeezed under the weight of the body. Thus, the genitals do not receive a sufficient flow of blood
  • the second position is when a man sleeps with his head held high. Usually this means that the pillow is too high and interferes with the circulation of the blood in the brain during sleep. In this case, the brain simply does not produce enough sex hormones and the erection worsens.

To get the maximum benefit from sleep, a man should sleep on his back and at the same time use a pillow that is not too high. It is also important to know that lack of sleep harms a person’s health, so a permanent lack of sleep should be excluded.

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