Who should not take drugs for potency?

There are many drugs to enhance male potency, for example, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others. However, not all men will benefit from such medications. Who should not take these drugs and why?

There are several universal contraindications.

  1. The presence of an individual intolerance to the body, that is, an elementary incompatibility with the components of the drugs. This can happen without any reason; just your body reacts negatively to tablets. To find out such a reaction is possible only by experience, but you can prevent negative consequences. If you have already had a negative reaction to a drug, tell your doctor about it before you start treatment with Viagra, Cialis, etc. Perhaps the doctor will offer a safe analog.
  2. If your penis has any congenital or acquired deformities, it is warped, etc. taking drugs to stimulate can provoke painful sensations, such as convulsions and circulatory problems. This problem can also be avoided if you seek help from a trusted pharmacy. Be sure to follow the dosage prescribed in the instructions. If you have experienced unpleasant side effects or if you have any doubts, consult a doctor.
  3. Diseases of the circulatory system are one of the dangers that you may encounter when treating with Cialis, Levitra and other similar drugs. When taking these remedies, even sparing, side effects can be quite aggressive. The fact is that these drugs affect the flow of the blood; they dilate blood vessels to ensure blood flow to the genital organs. In the presence of diseases associated with the circulatory system, treatment can provoke priapism. This is an unpleasant, painful disease that can only be cured by medical intervention.
  4. Problems with the stomach and intestines are also one of the contraindications. At a time when the stomach ulcer worsens, it can cause bleeding, so increasing blood flow with medication can become risky. If you want to take these medications in the presence of a state of remission, you will need a preliminary consultation with a specialist.
  5. Heart problems, including strokes and heart attacks, and a tendency to them are serious health problems. If you have suffered at least one heart attack in the past six months, the use of drugs for excitation is strongly discouraged. Even if the drug is sparing, it can have a significant impact on your heart. This effect can cause a sharp pressure drop, which, in turn, will lead to serious side effects. We recommend taking this seriously, as even deaths from a sharp drop in pressure and a heart attack were recorded.
  6. As for other internal organs, the liver and kidneys should also be healthy. It is the liver and kidneys that help remove drugs from the body, cleanse blood and other organs, so their work is a prerequisite for treatment. Nevertheless, small deviations are permissible, since the drugs are not intended for absolutely healthy people, but for the average.
  7. If you have visual problems that were caused by circulatory disorders, taking medication is not recommended.

Also, do not forget to comply with other instructions, including the permissible dose and compatibility of various drugs. Viagra, Cialis and other medications are completely safe when used for their intended purpose.

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