Generic Levitra


Unfortunately, age, wrong nutrition and a huge number of stresses are reasons why representatives of the strong half of mankind start getting problems with sexual vigor. In course of time or abruptly the sexual function starts deteriorating. Many men consider that the time has come and the only thing you can do is only to recall about your previous times. But it is a huge misbelief because the sexual function must work until great age. Such drugs as viagra and levitra can help to return the former sexual vigor.

Apart from viagra there is one more drug named levitra. If to read levitra opinions, you can see a lot of advantages and positive moments of this drug. It differs from viagra because it acts within twelve hours. So, if you have a wish to buy levitra, you may definitely be ready to the sexual act even during a long time period. Besides, the motive to buy Levitra allows consuming alcohol and greasy food. As known, when taking viagra, a diet must strictly be observed and it is recommended to secure oneself from taking alcohol-containing drinks. Regarding contraindications, the drug shouldn’t be taken by people, not reached 18, and persons having heart problems.

Main features:

  • due to less adverse effects it may be prescribed to the aged men, diabetics and those suffering from heart diseases;
  • the activity does not depend on alcohol, greasy food may slow the absorption;
  • strong erection within 10-12 hours (3-4 hours by viagra);
  • soft acceptability;
  • an active component – vardenafil, 20 mg is contained;