Can prostatitis have a negative impact on the potency?

The disease is the prostate inflammation. There might be various causes of it but the most frequent ones are infections and congestions in the prostate. The statistical data shows that among the males over 40 about 40% suffer from the particular symptoms of prostatitis.

One of the prominent signs of the disease is the painful/complicated urination. The other symptom is the problems with the sexual potency. In fact, the risks of impotence development are considerably low but the sexual life might greatly suffer, while the quality and duration of the intercourse won’t meet the expectations. What is more, prostatitis makes the ejaculation much faster and sometimes leads to the absence of the orgasms. Thus, the negative effect of the disease is obvious. As a result, the absence of the sexual satisfaction, the inability to have a long intercourse, and experiences of failures in bed finally lead to the disorders of the sexual potency. The key thing is to start treatment as soon as possible and solve the problems with the sexual potency.

Prostate’s role in the erection

The males, who suffer from chronic prostatitis, should know that the scars could appear in the prostate. They make the conductivity of certain receptors, which control the work of impulses responsible for the ejaculation/erection, worse.

Prostate’s role in the balance of hormones

There is a theory, which says the prostate is able not just to control the production of testosterone but also to actually produce it. At the same time, there are no proofs supporting this theory. We also understand that the active form of a man’s hormone (5α-dihydrotestosterone) appears in the glands of the prostate.

Thus, we can make a conclusion that prostatitis is really harmful to the men’s potency. In a case of any signs of the disease, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Otherwise, this problem can become more complicated.

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