The action of the active components in generics

The sexual potency of the males (as well as the women’s libido) greatly suffers from the worsening of the ecology and the fast rhythm of life. Many people try to get rid of the erectile dysfunction and impotence troubles by means of various drugs for the potency offered on the market. The medications making the small pelvis’s vessels relaxed and intensifying the circulation of the blood, allow improving the erectile function and getting turned on very fast. Nowadays there are plenty of generics of the medications, which are sold at a reasonable price. Besides, there are no problems with buying Viagra or any of its analogs.

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are considered to be the most widespread medications for the sexual potency. But you should understand that those are just the medications’ commercial names, while the principal active components (generics) are more important to know.

The Viagra’s main component is Sildenafil. The drug started to be produced in America in 1998 and immediately made a real furor. At first, Sildenafil was created as the medication for the heart work, but the tests discovered another function. This made Viagra one of the most popular drugs. What is more, Sildenafil can be purchased without a prescription. Thus, we can be sure that there are few side actions and contra-indications. However, it is better to know the recommended dosage and never exceed it. The side effects will never occur in this case. According to the instruction, one pill a day is enough. It is not advisable to consume fatty food or alcoholic drinks together with Sildenafil. The drug comes to effect 40 minutes after the usage. The erection will occur after the sexual stimulation. The duration of the effect totals up to 6 hours.

The same action has Viagra for the girls. Very often, the women make their own choice to purchase a medication and consume a pink pill, but the males also can buy Viagra for their ladies. The drug has an impact on the supply of the blood to the clitoris allowing getting turned on and reaching orgasm sooner.

The key component of Levitra is Vardenafil. The action is similar to Viagra, but the effect starts 10 min. after the usage. The action is a bit longer and totals more than 8 hours. The great advantage of Levitra is the possibility to take it with both fatty food and alcohol. Thus, if you want to have a dinner in a restaurant before sex, it is much better to select Levitra. As for the dosage, one pill a day is enough. However, for the elderly men and for the men with certain health problems, the dosage might be reconsidered.

The active component of Cialis is Tadalafil. The positive moment of this drug is the long action, which may reach 36 hours. Tadalafil can be used with alcoholic drinks or fatty foods, which is another advantage. The poll among the males showed that Cialis was the most popular drug for the sexual potency in 2014. What’s more, there are very few side actions and contra-indications. The side effects appear only in a small number of men. A big positive moment is a low price of Tadalafil.

We should also say about the other drug called Dapoxetine. It is applied by men without any problems in order to make their sex longer and delay the orgasm.

Dapoxetine is also consumed by the males with the sexual potency problems and by the people, who want to vary their sexual life. Any generics have several contra-indications (as well as all the rest of the drugs). Thus, if you have cardiovascular system problems, the diseases of liver or kidney, you should at least consult a doctor and buy Tadalafil, Vardenafil or other medicines for the potency only after this.

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